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What happens after the three months of access?

After the three months of access expires, you will no longer be able to watch the tutorials. But don’t worry, you can always renew your access!

Which payment methods do you offer?

We currently offer credit and debit card payments, with the addition of PayPal for our English tutorial website due to the popularity of PayPal. For courses in Finnish and Italian we offer credit and debit card payments. All of our payments are processed securely by Stripe, who also provess payments for companies such as Unicef, Pinterest and Facebook, so your data is in good hands.

Do you offer these tutorials in any other languages?

We provide our tutorials in three different languages – English, Finnish and Italian. Please do keep in mind that when you sign up for access, you’ll be provided access to the tutorials in that language. So if you want access to the Finnish versions of our tutorials, make sure to sign up on the Finnish site.

What if I need to contact you?

We’d be happy to hear from you and you can always reach us by using the contact form here, or by emailing to us directly at support@tuulakaunisto.com.

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