Updo 2

Six beautiful and unique hairdos for you to learn. The contents of each video can be seen below!

Updo 1 : Oona – Twisting and rolls

On this etnic hair design I am going to use two different techniques; double twist with a 3 strands and rolls. 2/ 3 is going to be a really tight and clear and 1/3 is prepared with a crepping iron to get a frizzy look.

Updo 2 : Nila – Braid

Now I am going to demostrate one up do with a braiding technique. Two times braiding with a 4 strand. Here I use all the time the same technigues just diameter makes different.

Updo 3 : Nila – Braid 2

This video shows you how to create particular and artistic up do design. Using two different braiding techniques gives a beautiful effect for this elegant design.

Updo 4 : Ursula – Overlapping

Hello everybody, now I use a overlapping technigues with a rubber bands. This up do is a beautyfull for a young woman, it´s really creative and funny.

Updo 5 : Sofia – Overlapping

This demonstration is based on one ponytail and one Overlapping technique. It´s amazing how simple it is – just alternate keeping 2 small and thin strand on your hands and repeat overlapping.

Updo 6 : Meli – Braid and overlapping

On this video I use overlapping techniques. First I create one central braid and then I apply new sections from right and then from the left sides alternating and around it. All hairlengths are overlapping and that´s why how this texture is so soft and light.

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